・Sup Lesson etc. @ surfers Hayama!(english information)

Sup Lesson @ surfers Hayama!
★Sup lessons are held at “Surfers Hayama”, which was born in Hayama, with a smaller capacity. 

The meeting place is the clubhouse next to Hayama Marina (64-3 Horiuchi, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture). 

The beaches where boats depart are Obama Beach and Suwa Beach. Both coasts are calm and perfect for beginners. As usual, we will also go to the Zushi coast area such as Namiko (depending on sea conditions). 
While cruising, you can enjoy new scenery such as the Tagoe River in Zushi and the Isshiki Coast in Hayama along land.  ★If you wish, you can also try wave riding (depending on wave conditions and level).

*Regular lessons have a maximum of 4 to 5 students per instructor. We provide detailed instruction tailored to each level.
*surfers Hayama does not have a restaurant. Please use nearby restaurants such as surfers ZUSHI and Hayama Marina.

★Sup lesson inquiries phone number 046-884-8711
*For reservations, please visit the website below ↓↓↓ Please apply from the reservation button below ↓↓↓

Book a SUP lesson
SUP lesson
subject / Beginner~
time / 2 hours
Number of people / 2 people or more
Fee / ¥6,600 (tax included)
*Private lesson for 1 student: ¥8,800 (tax included)

SUP surf lesson
subject / SUP surfing beginner
time / 90 minutes
Number of people / 2 people or more
Fee / ¥6,600 (tax included)
*Private lesson for 1 student ¥8,800 (tax included)

Holding time :
10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00 
*Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your reservation time.

Hayama/Zushi wari(Discount plan)

If you live in Hayama or Zushi, we will give you a 1000 yen discount on regular lessons! (Excluding already discounted lessons and trial lessons) Please present a driver’s license etc. that clearly states where you live when taking lessons at surfers Hayama.

Belongings :

Please bring your own swimsuit, bath towel, and beach sandals. We will provide the necessary equipment for lessons, such as SUP boards, paddles, wetsuits, and reef boots (free of charge). 

*If you drop your sunglasses at sea and the bottom is too deep, you will not be able to pick them up. So, if you really want to wear sunglasses, make sure you wear something that you don’t mind dropping, attach a strap to your sunglasses, or use goggles.

Note : 

Payment can be made by cash, PayPay, various credit cards using Square, and electronic money.

 *Cancellations other than lesson cancellations due to weather or sea conditions will incur a cancellation fee.

 *If the sea is rough due to stormy weather and the lesson is in doubt, the instructor will contact you by the evening of the previous day to cancel the lesson. Even if the restaurant is closed, SUP lessons will generally be held unless the instructor informs you of the cancellation. 

*SUP is basically held with two or more people, but if there are no other students at the time of the lesson, it will be held as a private lesson. Basically, we do not hold one-on-one lessons. If there are 2 or more students, the regular lesson fee will be charged. 

*Lessons are conducted with the utmost care, but surfing is a dangerous sport that can cause serious injury or death. Although we have accident insurance (2 million yen for death and residual disability, 3000 yen per day for hospitalization, 1000 yen per day for hospital visits), please note that in the unlikely event of an injury or accident, you will be solely responsible.

★The SUP rental system has been abolished.

●Transportation information
 to surfers HAYAMA (64-3 Horiuchi, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun)

Using a car/parking lot : 
① Obama-mae “P” is a basic fee of 200 yen/30 minutes from 0:00 to 24:00. The maximum charge from Monday to Friday is 1,000 yen until 24:00 on the day of entry, and the maximum charge on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is 2,000 yen until 24:00 on the day of entry. 

② Prefectural Hayama Port “P” is 310 yen for 60 minutes for regular cars when used from 5:00 to 22:00, and the daily maximum is 1,550 yen. (Up to 840 yen when using port facilities) 

③ Hayama Marina “P” is 600 yen/60 minutes from September to June, and 1,000 yen/60 minutes from July to August. *If your vehicle is not using Hayama Marina, you will not be able to receive the parking fee service. 

④ “P” in front of 7-Eleven: Basic charge: 0:00-24:00 → 30 minutes/300 yen. The maximum charge from Monday to Friday is 1,000 yen until 24:00 on the day of entry, and the maximum charge on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is 2,000 yen until 24:00 on the day of entry. (Maximum charge does not apply on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in Golden Week/July/August and from August 13th to 16th)
*Parking lot prices may change during the summer. Please check the rates at each parking lot.

By bus : 
About 10 minutes by Keikyu bus from Keikyu Zushi/Hayama Station. Approximately 15 minutes by bus from JR Zushi Station (Bus stop number 3: Take the Kaiganmawari bound for Hayama Isshiki and get off at “Hayama Marina”. Hayama Marina bus stop (down) is about 30 meters from the clubhouse. The up bus stop is a 10-minute walk from the clubhouse. It’s about a foot.

SUP instructor introduction

Been surfing for over 46 years. I love SUPs with large capacity and long lengths, which allow me to ride many small waves. “A long, large SUP can be enjoyed even when the waves are small. It will dramatically increase the number of days you can ride waves. A long board will allow you to relax and enjoy cruising.” The SUP in the photo is an 11’6 BIG BOARD. .

 When the waves are small, he plays SUP, and when the waves get big, he enjoys surfing on a 5’10 shortboard and FISH twin fins. “If you are a surfer, you tend to think that you can learn SUP right away, but just because you can surf doesn’t mean you can ride SUP.Surfers are used to the board and are good at standing, but if you don’t learn how to paddle, you can ride SUP. You won’t get better at rowing. I think you can do it your own way, but I think it’s better to learn how to row in a rational way. That’s the shortcut.”


Been surfing for over 40 years. In addition to surfing and longboarding lessons, we also offer SUP fishing lessons.

“I used to skateboard, trail run, do muscle training, swim, skin dive, etc. on days when there were no waves to surf, but because I am not a stoic person, I couldn’t get into it and was feeling discouraged, and that’s when I discovered SUP surfing. If you have a big board, you can ride it just by swell, and if you choose the tide, you can ride waves on average five times a week. Wave riding is the best way to train for SUP surfing. In a sense, it’s the best for surfers.”

Club surfers now recruiting members!

Club surfers allows you to enjoy the ocean more with SUP and other activities. We are always recruiting “Club surfers members”!

◯Free rental of sea equipment: Members can use SUP, kayaks, snorkels, etc. for free. 
◯You can bring 2 visitors (charges apply): You can bring up to 2 people, such as family or friends (cost 4,000 yen/person). Companions can also receive the same services as members. 
◯SUP lesson discount: You can take a SUP lesson at a discount of 2,000 yen (reservation required). 
◯Board locker (boat shed) free of charge: You can use the board locker where you can store SUPs, surfboards, etc. 
◯Invitation to special events: You can preferentially participate in special events such as BBQ parties hosted by Club surfers. 
◯10% off original products: You can purchase surfers original products sold at 2F STYLE SHOP at a 10% discount.

Enrollment fee/Annual membership fee

Individual membership : 
Enrollment fee ¥30,000 + Annual membership fee ¥120,000
Corporate membership : 
Enrollment fee ¥100,000 + Annual membership fee ¥360,000~ (for 3 people)


Club surfers has partnered with the 35ft, 12-person yacht “Librance”, which is moored at the pier of a prefectural marina about a 3-minute walk from surfers HAYAMA, and offers tours once a month in the Shonan area such as Hayama, Enoshima, and Sashima. You can enjoy cruising. This 1976 FUJI yacht is like a classic car. A beautiful yacht with 2 masts and 4 sails.

★For inquiries about Club surfers, please contact 
☎046-884-8711 or 

email / Kishi / Umezawa